What is Young HoneyTree?

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if children had more Pen Pals and fewer Facebook ‘friends’? Young HoneyTree is a monthly treat sent directly to the little stationery lover in your life.

Designed for children: 6 - 12yrs
Our specially curated box of stationery surprises will make them reach for a pen instead of a keyboard. They’ll have great fun discovering what’s in their parcel each month… and you never know, you might be the recipient of one of their pieces!

Great Gift
A HoneyTree Post subscription is literally the gift that keeps on giving! Each month, a parcel of our carefully curated stationery will be sent from our studios in Somerset directly to their door. The subscription is ideal 
for your children, grand children, nieces, nephews and godchildren. Get them excited about putting pen to paper!

This new subscription service from HoneyTree delivers a curated selection of beautifully crafted stationery to your desk or door every month, with an array of different items within. Flexible memberships start at just £10.50 a month, with £1 from each subscription going directly to the Post Pals Smiles Campaigns. Join thousands of others and start discovering what you have been missing today, with HoneyTreePost.com!

#CreateABuzz with a monthly parcel of unique stationery that can be sent, framed or shared.

What will they receive in their monthly shipment?
Fun, beautifully designed exclusive items from the UK’s leading illustrated bespoke stationers. They will receive at least 7 stationery items with a retail value of no less than £30. For example, items might include greeting cards, postcards, notecards, gift tags and loads of stickers to use and share.

When do monthly shipments occur?
We ship on or before the 22nd of each month to subscribers who joined by the 15th of that month and when you sign up we send a FREE new member welcome Post Box (worth £12) will be sent out in advance of your Monthly Post Box* so you can enjoy HoneyTree straight away.
1. For all subscription orders placed before midnight on the 15th of the month,  orders will be shipped on or before the 22nd of that month. 
Eg: subscribe on the  15th January your HoneyTreePost will be shipped on or before the 22nd of January.
2. Orders placed after midnight on the 15th of the month will receive the subscription for the following month.
Eg: subscribe on the  16th January your HoneyTreePost will be shipped on or before the 22nd of February. (But they are sooo worth the wait!).

Problem Solved
We all know how special it is to receive a hand written note or card. Here at HoneyTreePost, we will send you a bundle of specially selected stationery, so you will always be able to put pen to beautifully illustrated cards and papers. We also know that subscriptions make excellent gifts. Our stationery boxes are literally the gift that keeps on giving! Each month, your lucky recipient will receive a bundle of joy in the form of carefully curated stationery. It’s a delightful stationery surprise and the handiest of gifts.

Gift Message: A great option for friends and family - choose to send direct to the recipient. To include a Greetings Card detailing their subscription with their Welcome free Gift  simply fill in the 'gift message' at checkout and pick your dispatch date.

Gift Message: Simply choose to send direct to the recipient. Don't forget to tick the box enter your Gift Message at Checkout and they will receive a Welcome Greetings Card personalised with your Message in their first Post Box.

How we give back
With every subscription we receive, we donate £1 to support the ‘Pals’ and their families. Post Pals is a charity focused on brightening the lives of sick children, through sending out cards, letters or gifts which can give a poorly child a lift. We’re passionate about the work that is done at Post Pals, and it’s a concept that fits in perfectly with HoneyTreePost.

Sharing the joy
The creativity continues! Take a photo of your favourite items and share them with us on Instagram @HoneyTreeBespoke or on Facebook/HoneyTreePublishing. Be sure to tag #CreateABuzz so we can follow along and see where all our Boxes are being delivered around the world. We love to share your photos on our feed!

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