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I'm Lizbeth co-founder of HoneyTree, Creative director / Queen Bee



The early beginnings of HoneyTree Post - After setting up in 2008 I wanted to find a convenient way for our shoppers to discover new and exciting illustrated stationery, labels, tags and prints, at an affordable price. So in early 2015 after witnessing the renascence in monthly subscription clubs over the past couple of years, from snacks & veggies to beers and socks I started to work on a monthly subscription club that I would want to join... Imagine,  a monthly HoneyTreePost Box lovingly curated with items that one actually sends several times a month by post! 

In a world based on Facebook ‘Likes’ and Twitter ‘Followers’, nothing beats the pleasure you feel when a beautiful piece of handwritten mail pops through the letterbox. At HoneyTree, we’ve known this for as long as we’ve been in business creating beautiful bespoke stationery from our base in Somerset.

Knowing how special it is to receive a hand written note or card, we started to curate designs of specially selected stationery so you will always be able to put pen to beautiful illustration cards and papers. Have you thought about giving HoneyTree Post subscription as a gift? Literally the gift which keeps on giving, a monthly bundle of joy in the form of carefully curated stationery, sent directly to your desk or door. A delightful stationery surprise and the most handy of gifts, no more searching out dog eared postcards and irrelevant greetings cards, now you can proudly send beautifully illustrated stationery from your monthly selection from HoneyTreePost 

My creative team loves to follow the seasons and trends, so whether its gloves and mittens on for spot of mulled wine and caroling or jam making for the village fete, there are Thank You Cards, Kitchen Labels & Tags,  Writing Papers and special edition prints ready and waiting to be delivered monthly to your door which will make you wonder how you ever did without them.

Above a typical day at the studios ...

In your HoneyTreePost Box we also decided that every month they will contain limited edition items only available to HoneyTreePost Stationery subscribers alongside a note from me and my creative team about 'what's buzzing' that month. As with HoneyTreeBespoke, we are all about 'empowering our artists' who receive a royalty of 5% on every design sold with each order.

Integral to HoneyTreePost is our collaboration with Post Pals. We are delighted that with every subscription, we donate a £1 to the Post Pals 'extra smiles campaign' - Post pals concentrates on providing day in day out support to the pals and their family. Post pals is a charity focused on brightening the lives of sick children with 'A card, letter or gift that can give a poorly child a lift'.

We are so excited to bring you the very best in illustrated stationery design each month and we hope that you will enjoy receiving it as much as we are lovely designing it

thank you for visiting us.

Keep creating 


Queen Bee

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