Greeting Card Subscriptions

Welcome to our Greetings Card Post Box - the home of high quality Greetings Cards delivered every month to your door

We know how lovely it is to receive a hand written note or card, so make it extra special with a beautifully illustrated Card that perfectly reflects the sentiment

You will always have a selection of unique Cards at hand for the right occasion; so no more last minutes rifles through cupboards and drawers or dashing to the supermarket! 
You'll receive an assortment of x4 cards such as a birthday, thank you, or an Art card, as featured in the Stationery Lovers Box 
Boxes are £7.50 per month with a retail value of £12.
UK shipping is an additional £1 per month, for international prices click here

When do monthly shipments occur?

We ship on or before the 22nd of each month to subscribers who joined by midnight on the 15th of that month. 
Billing: Your first payment will be debited upon subscribing and on the 15th of the month thereafter.